Watson J.

Watson J.

Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready | Day 1 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Day 1
Program progress:

L sit update - 13 seconds...not bad with a beginning point of 0 seconds 5 weeks ago - I would like to get to 30 seconds by the end of T shirt in September

Diet - better today
Had a bike swim bike - so great [My devotion to teh hand stand training diverted my energy from teh fun bike swim bike] not next year brother.
Sleep - very very good

Discovered that T shirt will have Robin and Susan, I am so happy - this will be epic

Anyone else? still time to get on board

Go Team GO

Beatles muse still super strong

Long and winding road - so great

I'm ready

Just a few days left on island - then a long ass 2 day drive
Then T shirt launch on Monday

Diet - total vacation mess [ news flash Pepper J is vaca / hols fat ]
Breakfast is strong - who knows from there. No more ice cream once I leave the island. I would liek to say it will tighten up onthe drive home but...who i skidding who

Portland IRL with Ward and Alan on Sat - Wall sits anyone!
Sleep - what is better than A+ or 100%?
Total on track with handstand course -- test our Friday
L - Sit - test out tomorrow

Odd this year almost zero swim, not much bike either

Excited for T-Shirt - often I am doing things I suck at - but I can pack on muscle so this should be both hard & fun


Working on 2 art projects - nice change of pace and I got my first commission - who saw that coming?

Making a Study in T collage or Caroline - she is a senior in college [ really]

Go Team Go


WOW - Les Miserables is a LONG book. I finally had to go off the grid for a few days to knock it out. So Worth it,...Hard to beat great literature.

Kept up with hand stand L-sit, but it is discourging - the magic of free standing handstand is so elusive. I am afraid of falling [real fear and fear of hurting hip] head over heals and and hurting hip. Having to adjust program so I only land on left leg/hip [non bionic].

Sleep - supra epic on island sleep, it is so good I wish I could give it friends

Diet - breakfast good, dinner good, in-between not so good. So far no super destructive ice cream streaks. Candy?

Catching up on blogs today!

Go Team go

Pics reading - not every day is sunny - hand stand

Whats next? I think a blast, it would be my first. Does that make me a blast virgin?


The first week wraps up with me feeling better, but still coughing up crap and blowing nose - but health is on the way.

Most big projects are complete - clear teh field for better sunsets and rebuilding an old window [ much more fun]

Diet - off program but the worth in - meter scores are high. Except for last night at a cook out - disapointing and NOT delicious, talk about empty calories.

L sit and Handstand class is coming along. Right wrist and new hip are sore...may have to compensate with hip.

Cardio has been bike rides to town. Today was a bike swim bike. Swimming may not be massive this year. WHY? the water table is up over a foot, which means the rock where I take a breath in the middle of the quarry is totally out of reach. Which makes the lap too long [whining] and I don't have my goggles [baby]

This is not a big deal when nail the L sit and handstand.

Still only Beatles - how cool is it that they have songs GET BACK and COME TOGETHER - they literally have it both ways.

Pro move of teh day - If I don't want to buy a muffin in town on way pack from swim...DO NOT TAKE money!

Sunsets are epic! Cloths dryer of active life, old trusty bike

Go Team go


I made it to my summer vaca in Maine - Vinalhaven

Fun trip, great time with Paul in Boston and getting on Island

Pictures from the ferry - when I turn the car off once we are on teh ferry I exhale all teh debris from teh year. Epic Catharsis.

Saw the movie Yesterday twice
and have been on a massive Beatles run
I saw her standing there - Get back....

Hand stand & L-sit program on track. I can now do an L-sit for a few seconds and Handstand is coming along.
Bike and Swim has not gotten off to a strong start as I got a cold when I got on island [WOW being sick sucks]...Not much tank left in tank after the basics.

Reading Les Misérables - Victor Hugo, just fantastic

Internet is weak this year - so more like off the grid

Go Team go

John & SUSAN!

Road trip going OK

Many MAny Miles

Super fun In Real Life with John & SUSAN in NYC - just fantastic

On track w workouts - diet, B-/C+ on the road

Lots of time with Old friends and great visit w Caroline in DC

Meet up w Paul tomorrow in Boston -

Road weary

Go Team go


One week of loser diet - all the usual suspects have been found and digested - after 11 weeks I was ready for a break. Not too many regrets. most with people for fun events. Pie and ice cream was the best - candy was the worst.

Totally on track with hand stand & L sit work

I cannot currently do an L-Sit.

Hand stand program has been about following directions - not working ahead of skipping things I think are dumb. Just following the plan. I feel a bit dirty for doing Non-Kenzai program, but needed the structure of a program and this was the perfect time to pick up some skillz. Less yoga this week.

Road trip next week to Maine. With some luck I will IRL with Susan and John in NYC and then Matt in upstate NY. Have loaded up on easy to eat veg and fruit for the road. The rarest food on earth is Veg on teh US highway.

Go Team go

Kettle II - thats a wrap 

Up early and BANG
Sticky bandit done and dusted

I was able to do the sticky bandit on the first 2 cycles
had to kneel and catch my breath, but did not let go
On the fina set my hands were getting wet and I was worried about dropping kettle on head - so subbed dumbell on tricep press [which I had done for the program.

Hands and wrists took a beating.

I have one more week at home - Will keep diet tight and hope for a bit more benefit, one more percent. still an overabundance of midsection goo.

Good News - final picture taken in "TOO SMALL" yoga shorts from 11 weeks ago - FTW

Launching 6 week hand stand and L-sit initiative. I think I will just workout for an hour in the afternoon - handstand, then L-sit, then whatever - chest and arms?

Go team go - fun to make a few more Kenzite friends

Day 41 - tight and clean

What a great program & wow, I am ready to be hit with COMPLETE. Just tired...11 weeks of chisel adn kettle II...a modern day kenzai mash up

Question this week - what is my greatest quality. Here are a few things that come to mind. I am a keen observer and have strong strong organizational SKILZ.
But not sure those are qualities - I am very consistent and patient...I can work on something long term and just keep banging away at it.
Who knows.

Medicine ball lesson - I like a med ball & wish there was a kenzai course - might try kettle I and just use a med ball this fall.

Diet - suberb, oddly, not perfect...yet still A+
Sleep - epic!
Workouts - Yes and yes for yoga all week, I feel great, but totally run out of gas at night.

Music - not sure why but Kettle bell for me means Lynyrd Skynyrd - and that means T for Texas
check it out

Day 41 done and dusted - will workout first thing tomorrow and then see what the scale says. Everything else [yoga mirror , clothes, etc.] says great program for Pepper J

Go Team go

Love me some Space Ghost

Veg challenge = check

Happy fourth = Go USA

Kenzai veg challenge - Thai eggplant, wheat grass, adn watermelon radish

Who knows how do prepare - you tube will lead the way...or I will GRATE ans steam, which makes much edible.

All on track - 6:00 Active recovery and 7:30 90 minute hot yoga - then July 4th breakfast out with Meg

Super hot here this week so we went to see Toy Story 4, it was SOOO GREAT. We both cried

Streak intact - Go Team Go

More Gifs tomorrow .... day 40

Bring it Kettle II

100% on plan for the week

Yoga and Kettle every day - super tight diet - sleep like a baby [I may be jinxing myself]

My right hip [bionic one] has been a bit tweaky, ut I have been doing some jedi ju ju at yoga and it is coming along - getting better.

I shuffled the deck a bit today doing the Thursday workout [39] so I could have active recovery tomorrow for a lighter holiday and a less burdensome schedule [6:30 Active recover - 7:30 Hot yoga] then take Meghan to July 4 breakfast. soft landing the rest of the day until fireworks from the front yard.

Yoga Mirror continues to say Kettle bell works for Pepper J

so, Bring it Kettle II - I am ready

Go Team go

Finish Like a Champ!

TMM Streak Counter:
-Lessons Read: 36/36
-Workouts Completed: 36/36
-Meditation: 28/36
-Journaling : 31/36
-Diet Compliance (eating klean): 24/36 [strict score]

Current Streak 8 days

Going into the straightaway I am locked in and dedicated. It seems like in the olden days there was more gusto for a strong finish.
Double down week with Yoga every day until the end - 6:00 AM starts most days

The workouts continue to crush me with the squat and press maneuver - I mean my heart almost exploded today on the Double kettle bell clean.

Thank the maker for the extra rest days

Go Team go


Ending week 5 on a roll

Locked in and dedicated to finishing like a champ.

At the end of Kettle II so often I get to teh end of a rep and just have to stop. Especially true with the combo ones where there is a squat or lunge of some type combined with and press. I just have to stop and gather myself. Floored like the dude above by the tire.

Workouts on track , sleep returning to normal [A+], diet strong.

Next week eliminate salt and reduce AMA veg to 250.

Good news this week in the yoga mirror -

Bike riding for cardio has been a huge winner, just getting on and then off the bike so often has helped increase enthusiasm for Maine trip.

Go Team Go


Home away from Home - I get restored to full power when I go to Maine [Vinalhaven] in the summer. See sunset and quarry [where I swim every day] I ride my bike to the quarry and swim. the first few days I have to remember how to open water swim - but before long I am doing OK. I sleep so great and read [this sumer Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) and The Varieties of Religious Experience (William James), paint [I copy Mark Rothko] and this year I am starting piano lesson - so will play scales in the church on the way to the quarry.
Diet - Let it go a good bit, ice cream at night is the big problem , it starts as a fun treat and turns into a daily requirement. But I alway return ready for another year - fully recharged like Godzilla in the new movie hehehe.

What's next - I am going to work on traiing to do an L-Sit

and take a handstand course from Kyle Weigler

I am super close on the hand stand and think a more focused approach - rather than squeezing it in after or before a workout will be a winner

TMM Streak Counter:
-Lessons Read: 30/30
-Workouts Completed: 30/30
-Meditation: 22/30
-Journaling : 25/30
-Diet Compliance (eating klean): 18/30 [strict score]

Current Streak 3 days [goal 14 days to wrap up program]

Go team go

Back on track

Back from River minimal damage
Locked and Loaded

Diet - clean and tight - but WOW - so much to eat.

Workouts on track - the Alternating Kettlebell Clean and Press , then Double Kettlebell Deadlift, and finally Double Kettlebell Lunge (racked) leave me at a massive O2 debt - I the third cycle I had to lay on teh floor after - chest hammering like mad.
For Cardio I am subbing actually riding my bike around the block (good practice for Maine where I ride to a from teh Quarry for my daily swim) this is harder than the spinner.

Headwinds are gone

Catching up on Blogs soon

Go Team go

Final Photo



Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready


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