Watson J.

Watson J.

Kenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Day 21
Program progress:
River trip

A strong week - totally on track with diet, workouts, and sleep [pus yoga]

Currently at River and diet has taken a hit [peanuts again - bin them?]

Worked out first thing - Nice to have some rest in front of me.

Taking Dad out for fathers day - not seeking kompliance -

Program is working...how do I know...wedding ring has started to slip off...that is so kenzai.

Will catch up on blags later today

Go Team Go

Food lesson

My garden has started to produce a bit - thank the maker. See cutting board of dinner most nights and the bowl is the finished product. A Kenzai super power I possess is that I am very happy with the same food day after day after day.

Lots of temptation thoughts- had a good bit of dental work done today...was a bit loopy and drove past the A+ pie/ice cream shop and did not stop...WHEW - it was close, there was a temper tantrum by my inner child. But - I let the adult steer the car.

I am going to do some re-training - I like the "flipping" squat clean, but see that there is a better way...will go to school on it

Lung jump - there is no jump

TGU - I experimented with more weight 13.6 KG [30 pounds] and the 10 kg [22 pounds] could do both - the heavier is clearly heavier - room to grow there.

One arm lunge press - step back instead of forward as there is much much less impact [hip again]

I like the pass around - but live in fear that I will smash fingers

Go Team go

OK - went of plan a bit this weekend

both were WORTH IT
Tomahawk Steak

Sunday Brunch

More overgraming on protein and veg than a crap food binge - so no hangover today
Went to Inferno core and penance last night prior to Yin Yoga with Meg

Looks like I am getting up with the dog at dark:30 this week as well for workout [nice to strt teh day with the workout done and give Meg a break from HIM

Today - 3 cycles - WHEW and Double Kettlebell Bottoms Up Curl is a joke with the twin 22 pounders [10 kg] so I sub w dumbells
Fathers day is next weekend - who knows
Family meeting 2 weeks - this is often painful and unpleasant - Planning on fried chicken and Apple pie for sure - part of the coping plan - and will not skimp on the workout

Go Team go


At the 2 week mark I am feeling good. Settled in after a hectic transition from Chisel - Solid diet for 4 days - tight and clean [some overgram of veg at dinner]

The solid feel of Kettle has come back quickly - wow I like the raw power part of this program. Awesome for me when I settle into the tone of a program - and just do it - do I work out every day? YES!

Today both the Alternating renegade triceps extension and pass around depend TOTALLY on focus down teh support arm to keep from crashing - making the wrist/hand/handle act as a single fixed unit makes the whole thing work - I like it! total mind focus = powerful in the moment.

Getting back to yoga has been a winner and the dog is off his medicine - so we think a return to sleep normalcy in teh next day or two.

ALSO - new pr for resting heart beat - literally almost off the chart. I resurrected an old samsung phone as streaming device and it has the heartbeat app. Fun for me

Go Team go

Diet on track

Diet on track [Silvia]

Good sign when I fill out the form on the Fridge. Picture of my regular dinner - red cabbage, grated sweet potato and Beet, brussel sprouts, onion with olive oil salt and pepper. Solid weigh and measure - I even cut teh toast this morning to get the grams right.

Workout done and Yoga scheduled - Yes for yoga

Sleep - OK, but the poor dog wakes me up often, he conclude his medicine in a few days so temporary.

Scoop push ups were A+ with slow perfect form FTW

Go Team go


Jumping in a week late from Chisel

Watson J from Asheville NC
Kenzai-ing since 2010 [PCP]

I caught up on all the exercises and am ramped up.
I think Kettle II might be my fav program - raw power and low impact [important for me and my bionic hip]

This week the days have started early as our Puppy is having a bad go of it and the medication makes him wake up angry & hungry = good move for me to get him up and out - so dark:30 workouts this week.

TGU form is coming around. It helps me to have a very small weight in my hand to get the feel of gravity - it helps my form

Leg day!!!! Dang

Diet - I have had some off program food [peanuts] candy at movie, Rueben with my Dad - tempted today by Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream. But, as I write this I swear that I am back to tight and clean. BOOM accountability today

Fun to train together - I will work to be an A+ team mate.

Go Team go

Picture A - thanks to Kenzai I have a LOW resting HB

picture B from 15ish years ago -

Picture C - today's version

What we put into it 

An ancient Kenzai philosopher said, We get out of it what we put into it"

WOW - super solid 6 weeks

Best training experience ever with Meghan (wife on blast)
Best sub, handstand adaption for double hang time
Best moment - in Yoga I saw so many ribs and awesome shoulders

Oh well,
I did not move at lightning speed between exercises - could have pushed more - perhaps hip caution or age
My blogging and commenting was an A-
Meals on Instagram - difficult to remember to do when I am hungry

Body transformation - A-

There is still too much mid section / buttock goo - but lost 6 solid pounds and 3%

I feel a bit like the runner in a full half marathon event - who knows at the mid point he will just keep plugging - I am jumping directly into Kettle II (week 2) it is a redo. A nice change of pace with much less jumping and bounding - and much more raw grunt power.

Thanks to the bigger Kenzite family / Team...you make ALL the difference

Go Team go

David C & King Sean - new kenzite training partners fun fun fun


Top shelf komplient day in the books

Superman - WOW that hurts my shoulders so I alternate some like space Ghost (who knows who space ghost is besides me?) some like Neo from the matrix. Scissor claps are also tough - I have been going for bigger claps and higher kicks.

Diet - epic clean, Sleep solid (dog waking me up, but he is recovering)

Feel lighter and tighter this week - Nice

News Flash, I am dropping into Kettle II a week late when chisel ends - so I subbed day 1 Kettle for yoga to not get too far behind. There is something cathartic about moving weights - grunts and power. I like it.

Finish Like a champ

Go Team go

Day 38 of 42

Totally on track,

As we have more FAILURE exercises I increase band width & tension to fail sooner. Leg lifts I started doing v sits at 15.

Got back to yoga yesterday - whew that was great and at 107 degrees it cleans things up.

Headed for final weigh on Sunday. Feeling good

Go Team go

Shirt from Asia trip - same dinner at Andy's I gave many of these out, not 100% Kenzai - but full of Go Team Go

Finish like a champ

Go Team go

Tuesday 37 of 42

Thought it would be fun to run through my kenzai gear this week and torment Silvia

Solid workout and Diet locked in , system cleaning out the excess salt and peanut from this weekend.

Sleep continues to be great

Workout and Yoga today. Workout was good - I have been doing handstands and a hop as a sub for Double hang time. Everything else OK. The lesson made the workout make more sense - I love that!

I fully expect to be crushed by Yoga - it is hot here [for Asheville] so that makes Hot yoga drop the hammer.

Pointing to an excellent picture and weigh in this weekend.

Also - went to the hip Doctor today -he frowned when I told him I have been skipping a bit...dang.

Thoughts of whats next. I wish there was a beach blast that ended before mid July. So I think I am going to re-do kettle II, either jumping in with the just launched program -day 2, or retake it solo. The Raw power seems attractive after all the jumping and moving.

Will try and blog each day this week to..........FINISH LIKE A CHAMP.

This shirt came, I think, from Todd in Tokyo, during a dinner at Andy's.

Go Team go


At river
Family better than expected
Week 5 workouts = Perfecto
Today was long walk and roof cleaning with 100 visits (30, 20 13 13 13 15)

Sleep A+

Diet, one peanut is too many 1000 not enough. Aside from that on track with less STRIcT gramage

Have strong plan for week 6

Dang I miss yoga

Go team go


Not sure why but I have been listening to the pretenders this week, and specifically My City Was Gone - who knows (Maybe because it is about Akron - where I have spiritual roots)


Diets remarkably tight - even in light of Meghan's birthday celebration. I made the SMORES for others but did not have any. Did overgram on Steak - but aside from that and a few pecan bits in a salad that friend brought me - tight as a tick.

Workouts on track - good news I am spent during the workout, bad news as a low twitch muscle athlete - I only go so fast. I did forget to do pushups with the first 2 sets of the burpees DANG.

Less Yoga this week with Caroline home and Megan's birthday - so I miss that.
SLeep - fantastic

I am feeling some wear and tear. But am also enjoying how well my clothes fit. Memorial Day will be interesting. I think I will be at the river with Meghan and my brother and sister and cousins. Truthfully - my extended family is a mixed bag...more dread and excitement.

Go Team Go - strong to the finish


Week 4 - in the books

Great week for me. Diet locked in, yoga YES, workouts done.

The lessons were big for me this week - I did hit the wall, i have had teh staircase type of progress. I am tettering on too much fatigue -

This weekend we took a trip to Atlanta to pick up Caroline and go to my niece's high school graduation party. I got my workout in early, packed my food, and stayed ahead of under eating and inducing weakness.

7 hours there and back plus 2+ hours going to the airport and back made it a 9ish hour in the car day - man, that is such an odd pitiful type of fatigue. Super creaky today -

Things are working - I went to an event (sorry no pic) and my suite looked like...well..I looked like a model. My ribs and core had that fantastic tauntness - :ife es tres bon.

Mirrors at yoga say real changes.. SCales says it as well. SO, I am at the precipice of whew - all set -OR - keep putting the hammer down for 14 more days - and finish like a champ.

Pepper J says "Finish Like a Champ"

It is hard to INSTA gram each meal - weird,

AND - Nice that this group is a solid blogging commenting group - that will make the difference in teh next 14 days.

Go TEam go

Week 4 update

Workouts on track - harder longer workouts with tighter diets = bigger chance to REDLINE later in teh day or at Yoga. Have been eating more veg to address diziness.

Starting to have left wrist pain, so far only caution. with speed rope at the end have been mixing up cardio more on the front end. For sets with failure have been adding resistance..

Diet tight and clean, but starting to mentally fray on the edges. thoughts of whopper indulgence seems attractive, modest one not worth teh distraction. Would like to have peanuts and a fresca with my brother on the porch memorial day...when we catch up before the summer.

DIET is working, often at night...nothing left in tank.

Motivation has been ebbing - so more will power... Less raw enthusiasm.

Weather has been AWESOME. So has sleep

#perfect week

Go Team go


WOW - half way home
I had a GREAT week
Key - keep super Veg steam at night - Yoga - early to bed - Measure Weight
Measure Weigh
Measure Weigh

Pic - After yoga today - in full training mode it is EASY to run out of fuel - happens during 90 minute hot yoga that starts at noon - but I love it - so red lining , oh well

Normal week in Asheville - trip to Atlanta Saturday to PU Caroline.

Mirror at Yoga and weekly pictures tell the tale - 3 more weeks - starts tomorrow.

Go Team Go

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