William W.

William W.

Just became a Kenzai Member!

William W.'s Kenzai Run program, Run | Apr 22 2019, starts in 2 days.


Just visited the tailor and wracked up a $200 bill. Amazing to see how different my clothes fit, literally had to take any pants I want to keep to the tailor to get them re-felt....
As my friend NR says, good to have this sort of “kenzai world problem”

Graduated KB1! 

I had an amazing experience with Kenzai body.
I have tried nearly all the diets... I have tried Atkins, Keto, Whole Thirty, the "'Cardiac Diet", etc... I always tended to get improvements, but always had rebound gain, and most importantly I always felt hungry the whole time. During these "diets" I would never have the energy to work out. I honestly have not felt hungry over the past 90 days, and most days I worried "will I be able to eat all the food I am suppose to...". With that said, I did begin to feel and understand my body's energy needs and when to time and judge amounts fruit snacks to get through low energy points during the days.
In regards to exercise, I have done serious athletic training (1/2 iron man triathlon). That was great, but not really a sustainable lifestyle after the race.
I found kenzai to provide a nearly perfect balance between diet and exercise that currently feels like I can sustain indefinitely (at the very least a lot of the lessons learned can be applied to the future).
I was worried that an intense exercise program may lead to an overuse injury (I have suffered from those with triathlon training). What was nice is that Kenzai ramped up the exercise appropriately to avoid overuse type injuries.
Other valuable aspects of the program were the daily lessons. The team was uncanny on how they seemed to read my mind and come up with tips, lessons etc... to help pull me through to the end. I found the lessons truly valuable for the immediate program but also provided life lessons that I will benefit from indefinitely.
Thank you to the Trainers and the other KB members that helped us through. Their encouragement was invaluable.
I look forward to other kenzai programs in the future.

Interesting to see the change this morning.
Felt like I could do higher counts by changing to a circuit, and also felt tired (in a good way) at the end.

I am wondering if this is a transition to more of a “maintenance” mode after KB1?

I have been thinking. We have all worked hard to get to where we are now... I assume if we want further improvement we should continue with more intensive workouts?

Alternatively if one has reached their goal, do you have to work just as hard to maintain? Or is a maintenance regimen less intensive?

tica lunch

Veggies, shrimp, fresh corn tortillas, rice.....

Wondering where plantains fall on kenzai?
Fruit? Vegetable? Carb?

Traveling again

Headed to Costa Rica for spring break with the fam.
Hoping to change up my standard meals which are a little redundant with some local tica style kenzai .
Glad I woke up early to bang out cardio before leaving for our flight.
Now feeling wide awake

Fat Tuesday

Glad I had the will power to dodge eating a “pączki”. Typically I would crush at least a half dozen of those on Fat Tuesday

Back from ski trip and now feeling good with diet and exercise .
It’s amazing what a wrench travel throws into things.
Feeling strong and cool to see the progress with jump rope.
Amazing to go from 4 minutes to 20 minutes in under 60 days.

travel challenges

Have been skiing for the past 4 days.
Hard to stay on diet.
Feeling strong and in shape in the slopes which is cool, but worried about the diet diversion based on logistics etc...

Wondering if I should adjust my workout when doing a weekend of hard skiing?
Would it be worth skipping the “legs” portion of the work out knowing that I’ll be working my legs hard in the slopes?

Fighting a cold

So, when I flew to Mexico, I sat next to someone who I swear had SARS.... I knew it was just a matter of days before I came down with something.
Yesterday was rough, so I bailed on my workout after jump road in hopes I could swap it out for Sunday’s workout.
Thankfully got through my workout today and feeling hopeful I’ll get through the weekends workouts and back on track by Monday.

grocery day

Still can’t believe the volume of food... but getting used to it.

travel challenges

Finishing up my travel in Mexico.
I was able to get all the workouts In, but had a challenging time with the diet. Looking forward to getting home and getting back on track.

Starting Week 3

Things going well so far.
Getting a handle on the diet and getting my system down.
Amazed how quickly the my taste buds are reset. Typically I have a major sweet tooth and snack on chocolate, candy, donuts, cookies, etc...
Now, with all the junk cut out I’m notcing how quickly my taste has changed.
Broccoli tastes “sweet”, and my glass of milk taste likws a milkshake!

Feeling Good

Day 9 work out behind me and felt good driving to work.
Often it seems I’m driving to work in a fog. Good to feel awake and energized to start the day.
Also good to have a “full tank of gas” with a full stomach after a great and healthy portioned breakfast


I just measured out my meals for tomorrow. Don’t think I have eaten that volume of food for lunch in a long time?
I keep looking at it and thinking? Is this correct?
Also, looks like the excercise portion is ramping up impressively.
A little nervous for this upcoming week.


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