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William W.

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Blast complete 

Truly a great Kenzai program. It was full immersion from day one with very intense exercises. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up the pace for a whole month. With that said, the daily lessons and encouragement from the team helped get me through in typical kenzai fashion.
I recently did kenzai body, and then I felt like I had slipped backwards amazingly just weeks fast after the completion of the program.
Beach blast allowed me to get back to where I was and actually improve from that. Blast seemed to help melt away some of the stubborn body fat that was was resistant to change during KB1.

cardio substitute

Had a great day of surfing yesterday and substituted that for cardio.
Kenzai helping me Feeling strong on the board and catching a bunch of waves without getting exhausted

missed work out

Was traveling back from the west coast and unfortunately had to miss my workout. Left the hotel at 6am and my flight was diverted causing delays that did not allow me to get home til after midnight....
wit that said, felt great for today’s workout. By missing yesterday it gave me more energy to work out today, soar least there was an upside.

Still amazed at how challenging the blast section of the work out is.
Good explanation today in the lesson to help explain the rationale on why we are doing this.

4 days into “beach blast” and impressed how intense the workouts are.

I was thinking this would be a walk in the park based on the title. Sort of like when trying to pick an easy class from the college curriculum based on the title. One class that I took back in college in an attempt to get an easy “A” was called “beaches coasts and rivers..”. Turns out there was more to those subjects than I had anticipated.

Anyways. I’m impressed so far with this program and I can see why this program is likely designed to deliver real results

Run and done 

Cool to finish the kenzai run program.
Kenzai crafted a perfect program to help craft a foundation of good running.
I have been running for years, but never put too much thought into strategy.
This often left me with injury and or the feeling of hitting a plateaux and not improving.
this run program allowed me to steadily increase and do it safely. Coupled with a healthy diet, I definitely feel like I am in better running shape than I have been in for years.
I shaved 45 seconds off my per mile pace on a 6.5 mile run circuit which I have been running for years (see strava screen shot attached).
I look forward to doing other Kenzai run programs.
Thanks Matt and to the rest of the group for the encouraging blog posts throughout the program.


Have been fighting a cold during a week of travel throwing a bit of a wrench into my last week of the program.
Thankfully getting the runs in, but not feeling 100 percent...

kenzai tip

Had a kenzai world problem of many of my belts not fitting properly:

I had tried drilling new holes, but then the belt end is too long and it doesn’t fit right.
It turns out the correct way to shorten the belt is to work on the buckle end.
A cobbler/shoe repair shop can do this for around 10-15$. They take the buckle end apart, shorten the belt and then restitch/rivet the buckle into place.
When done it looks brand new and you don’t have random holes drilled into the belt with a floppy long free end that doesn’t fit right.

race day

Ran our annual local Memorial Day race.
Shaved over 3 minutes over my best historical time.
Kenzai run training was great.
Felt like alI trained “easier” than past, but much “smarter”.
In the past I overtrained in preparation with just running as fast and as far as I could each day. No strength training, no cross training.
Not necessarily the best training regimen.
With kenzai I ran less distance with less intensity, but each run was designed with a purpose and mixing in strength and cross training allowed me to have far more gains in speed and endurance.
Thank you!

Feeling stronger

Cool to see that the training ramp up .speed allows for steady improvement in endurance which provides good motivation to continue the plan...

Wrapping up a week long conference.
Was able to get the running in, but had challenges with the diet.
Looking forward to getting my intake back on kenzai

I’ve gotten used to training inside with KB1, and sort of forgot about the elements.
Weather has been rainy with occasional snow.
Not a big deal, but looking forward to warmer weather hopefully soon

good week so far

Good to be back on a kenzai program.
After completing KB1, I felt at a loss without having the daily goals, lessons, diet, etc...
Good to have “Run” as a new program to keep me motivated


Just visited the tailor and wracked up a $200 bill. Amazing to see how different my clothes fit, literally had to take any pants I want to keep to the tailor to get them re-felt....
As my friend NR says, good to have this sort of “kenzai world problem”

Graduated KB1! 

I had an amazing experience with Kenzai body.
I have tried nearly all the diets... I have tried Atkins, Keto, Whole Thirty, the "'Cardiac Diet", etc... I always tended to get improvements, but always had rebound gain, and most importantly I always felt hungry the whole time. During these "diets" I would never have the energy to work out. I honestly have not felt hungry over the past 90 days, and most days I worried "will I be able to eat all the food I am suppose to...". With that said, I did begin to feel and understand my body's energy needs and when to time and judge amounts fruit snacks to get through low energy points during the days.
In regards to exercise, I have done serious athletic training (1/2 iron man triathlon). That was great, but not really a sustainable lifestyle after the race.
I found kenzai to provide a nearly perfect balance between diet and exercise that currently feels like I can sustain indefinitely (at the very least a lot of the lessons learned can be applied to the future).
I was worried that an intense exercise program may lead to an overuse injury (I have suffered from those with triathlon training). What was nice is that Kenzai ramped up the exercise appropriately to avoid overuse type injuries.
Other valuable aspects of the program were the daily lessons. The team was uncanny on how they seemed to read my mind and come up with tips, lessons etc... to help pull me through to the end. I found the lessons truly valuable for the immediate program but also provided life lessons that I will benefit from indefinitely.
Thank you to the Trainers and the other KB members that helped us through. Their encouragement was invaluable.
I look forward to other kenzai programs in the future.




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