Xavier C.

Xavier C.

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a Great Day

it feels like a good day, started with some headspace, the sky is blue, the workout went fine, tons of fruits in the basket, let's shower up and cook a good breakfast!

Android app crash

workout day 20, excited to start but the app doesn't let start the workout, it just crashes 😣
anyone else? (in addition to not supporting image upload from the phone as usual)


my morning Kenzai routine is keeping me afloat, it's like I'm having hard time to wake up but once I start the workout, it's smoothen everything


fiu! 400 jumps, that was challenging! feels good as always, especially in a sunny context :)

I've started this session late, on day 4, to be exercising with my brother Clement. He offered me the training and I'm having a blast so far. Thanks Brother and thanks Kenzai 🕶️

He lives in the US, Boston, and I live in France, in the South. Due to an unfortunate and sad family event, we are both at our parents home for a few days. It's not an easy situation at the moment, and being able to workout together is good. Like it feels really good for the body and the mind. I'm glad that we can support and empower each other like that.


everyday lesson

these everyday lessons are super interesting!

I'm Stoked

🔥 Getting started late, but it's better than never!