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Yasmeen A.

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High On Kenzai

Kick ass workouts....Loving doing them
Loving the strength I have developed
Loving the way I feel
Loving the way I look
"FANTASTIC" - that's what the week has been

Interesting !!
At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass ........I know for a fact that my energy levels and strength is definitely far better than a lot of my son's 18 year old friends ( girls) . As a package , I would say , anywhere in my early or mid 30's. Which makes me feel super , as I am 44.
Being on a Kenazi programme, always makes me feel so energetic, young and good about myself ;)
A special thank you to the Kenzai team out there, who offer this magic potion of youth !! You guys are the BEST .

Final Indulgence

So, I went grossly over board - from taking an indulgent meal , it became a day of indulgence!! I know...I KNOW....
It started with a nice spicy home cooked meal of lamb curry with vegetables in the afternoon .
In the evening , my friends and I decided to meet up impromptu at a place that served Tibetan food . A few glasses of wine - 3 to be exact . I exercised restraint on the food but when the dessert came , I totally lost it. They served the most amazing chocolate Dimsums. I had never seen or heard of chocolate dimsums before, leave alone tasted them, and after a trial bite , I lost count on how many I may have gobbled up....yum yum yum.

Slipped in extra cardio into my workout today......the things we try to do to absolve ourselves !!
Hope all's going well with everybody else. Week 11 .....the days are flying by now.

Rotten Day @66

Just today -
My skipping seemed to take eternity
My workout totally sucked
Low on energy
Was just not able to get into the zone
Sheer drudgery ( literally forced myself to complete it)
I wonder why at this stage ?


So, my son & I are on Kenzai programmes which are running simultaneously right now. It's fun BUT the problem arises when both of us want to work out at the same time & given the space restriction , it's not possible. Well today was one of those days....he kept pestering me to finish quickly and I lost it completely. It felt awful then but now I'm wondering why I got so so upset.

That's Amaan behind me in the picture, flexing his muscles...hahahaha. It's good to compare our gains alongside.

Just 3 weeks , more GAINS to achieve!! More POWER to us and to you'll . Let's do this

I'm Loving it

The workouts have really ramped up and I am enjoying them thoroughly.
This is what we had signed up for after all. BRING IT ON.....I look forward to more :)

I skipped in silence today and jump roped for 20 minutes in one go without a single trip or break. That's extremely motivating as it means my endurance has upped to a different level altogether without me even realising it.

Thanks to my daughter I have a photograph that she sneak took, which I thought I must put up for my records.

End of Week 8

The week had it's challenges. I fell off the fitness wagon for a little over the first half of the week being on vacation. It honestly didn't matter when I was there but once home I felt dreadful about it .
To pacify my guilt and feel better I put in extra cardio into my workouts. Thankfully the workouts were not intense and gave me room for that.

So all in all, I feel I have gone back a week in time, maybe more .
The silver lining ; I 'm refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to kick butt ;)

My Kryptonite : It's always been those warm Cinnabon rolls with a double shot of espresso in my Latte.

Just 4 weeks to go ; IT'S THE FINAL COUNT DOWN

It's vacation time

Would have preferred this happening at the end of my programme.... I'm on a Kenzai break for 4 days . Hope things are going well for everybody.

No complaints

A mixed week... somedays I was bursting with energy , on others I had to literally push myself to get my workouts done . But once done, I always left so good.
Diet to the gram , no lapses on that front .
I was thinking about the weekly question on sacrifice .....to be honest , it's my wine that I miss and my desserts too :)
But having said that , I think having been through KB 1, 2 & 3 and chisel , it isn't so bad this time around . I have been socialising a lot more than I have whilst being on any other programme ( and not cheating on the food /alcohol)because the way I look at it now ... I'm not punishing myself for wanting to get fit , so why not meet and have some good clean fun , a couple of good laughs and not feel left out . I think it all boils down to how badly you want something and I for sure know... I WANT TO BE FIT , STRONG & FABULOUS !!

Break through moment

I read somewhere , something that impacted me greatly - Be Happy . Not because everything is perfect , but because you choose to focus on the perfect moments. Nothing can make you happy until you choose to be happy. Just enjoy where you are now and be the energy that you want to attract.
Accept what is and believe in what will be.

On a lighter note , had a fun Saturday evening out with the girls. It was 100% Kenzai compliant :)

What an Indulgence

Alright , so my beautiful gang of friends kept putting off their summer pool party to ensure that it took place with my Indulgence day . The celebrations were from 6:00 p.m until 1:00a.m. PHEW!!
I knew fully well that this time round , it would not be just my wine or that one dessert that I had been craving for.
I ate and drank more than I should have . I know right .....but then the deed is done. I did get up feeling guilty this morning as I was all bloated up. I will have to really more than make up these coming weeks and I'm Ready as hell . KB3 Bring on Week 5


I am using Pull Up Bars for the first time this time . Always thought they were way beyond me.....my son put it up for himself and I thought I'd just give it a shot one time and that one time lead me to just continuing with them :) I'm liking them, they are extremely challenging . My arms , core and shoulders are feeling so much stronger today than they were when I started off KB3. I do still take support and my form isn't perfect yet , but I'm improving with each week.....
I enjoyed my workouts this past week thoroughly and am set for my big day "indulgence" tomorrow. So looking forward to it . Haven't been this excited about anything in a long time ......hahahah.

Thread The Needle

Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhh !! I dislike it passionately

I survived last week

It was one of those highly stressful , demanding weeks with me running against time, every day. Phew .....thank god it's over with .
The positive over last week was my son Amaan's 12th Board Results where in he secured 92%. It made me swell with pride :)
I had to really push myself in getting the work outs done everyday .....my diet was clean but I missed quite a few of my fruit meals. As a result , I was low on energy .
My sleep suffered too , I am a stickler for getting in those 8 hours everyday ....damn!!

Here's to a strong week 3 !! Let's do it

Best Advice

"Never, say Never ".

Good week , gone by. Got a little tough over the weekend though, with Saturday & Sunday evening with friends.
I think I spent most time, just fighting the urge to take that 1 bite or that 1 drink . Carried my Kenzai yummy ;) compliant food with me both evenings . Those were testing times, but I passed.

Nice to see the exercises ramping up this week . 1 week gone already, 11 to go !!

End of Week 7





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